Pauline graduated from the Chambre Syndicale School of Parisian Couture as a stylist in 2006 and has lived passionately and tiredlessly for her work.

With a great desire to further her knowledge she trained at the renowned LESAGE embroidery house in Paris.  Following this she joined the world famous Designer Houses, namely GIVENCHY and BALENCIAGA, where she collaborated on both the Haute Couture and Prêt à Porter collections.

Previous to this she worked as an assistant stylist in numerous fashion houses including ALEXIS MABILLE and ANIKALENASKARSTROM.

With her vast professional experience and a keen perception of women's fashion, Pauline's dream has always been to launch her own fashion brand.

It was clear to Pauline that if women didn't fit into a standard fashion size the French textile industry did not cater for them.

But why such interest in plus sizes when she, herself, is a size 6?

"I've always been very slim and finding clothes in my size was always difficult, but that's nothing compared to my sister who's curvy.
How difficult is it to find fashionable clothes in a boutique if you're a size 14 plus?!"

A plus size brand.

"I want to show that through this new business venture fashion is for everyone and that plus size women can also be fashionistas!
It is my idea that beauty means figures but also curves!"