Her career is a bit unusual.
With a degree in architecture, she specialises in urban planning.
In parallel, she paints, makes jewellery and especially changes style every weekend.

Passionate about fashion, she decided in 2010 to change lanes.
The new project was launched.
“Create a building or create a collection, it is the same intellectual process, only the material changes.” Julie says.

“In arch like fashion, the creative process is influenced by natural, physical, technological and social" (Jorge Ayala F (AA) shion Research Lab)

But why this desire to create a clothing line?

"I've been larger than the traditional clothes size for years; I am confronted with difficulty every time I want to choose my clothes like any other girl. I want to be fashionable but the high street doesn’t cater for larger women, I use accessories to dress myself.

The idea has been a thought in our heads for almost 10 years but we never dared to take the plunge before now.

At each event, we draw the model and I get my outfit tailored on me...

But how the others do?
After some research on the net, I find blogs of girls like me who love fashion and claiming their status as "fatshionnistas."

The project was born! "